Wanted returns to Seven next week

Seven will return Wanted for a brand new season next week.

The action drama with Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewill has been filmed in South Australia for season three and will begin with a double episode.

This season also includes Kate Box (Maxine Middleton), Rob Carlton (Karl Brady), Kerry Fox (Susan Carpenter), Robyn Malcolm (Donna Walsh), Clarence Ryan (Hamish Isaac) and Michael Whalley as Lance Greiner in guest roles

In Season 1 of Wanted, Lola Buckley (Rebecca Gibney) and Chelsea Babbage (Geraldine Hakewill) started out as strangers at a bus stop. But life threw them together as they accidently became embroiled in a world of crime and corruption that saw them running for their lives. Across Seasons 1 and 2, Chelsea and Lola have been running from the police, running from the bad guys and running from themselves – from lives half-lived. Now, in Season 3 they are still on the run but with each step, they are discovering who they really are, finding new strength and are fully aware that this time there is no going back.

From car chases to aeroplane heists, shoot outs to showdowns, this season of Wanted is a high-octane adventure set against the backdrop of some of South Australia’s most stunning landscapes including the spectacular Flinders Ranges, Barossa Valley, Riverland and Adelaide Hills.

8: 30pm Monday October 15 on Seven