Vicky Pattison Farewells The Jungle

I’m a Celebrity took an emotional toll in the penultimate episode of the season.

After being away from their loved ones for six weeks, Fiona, Shannon, Vicky and Danny were overjoyed to find their partners and family members waiting for them in camp.

Fiona couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw her sister Cate and son Albert on the bridge. She dropped everything, screamed and ran over to them, not wanting to let go of her sister or son. 

Shannon walked through the jungle to find his wife Rochelle and children Cody, Blake and Sienna eagerly waiting for him. When he saw them, he went as white as a ghost and yelled out “Crikey”, before embracing his family in a group hug. He shared a special moment with Rochelle, before catching up on everything he has missed in his children’s lives.

Vicky was sitting by the creek when her fiancé John surprised her. They did not hold back the affection and kissed and hugged each other repeatedly. Vicky told John that the jungle has made her realise she wants to have children with him and get married this year. 

Danny walked into camp to find his mum Maria and sister Sharni sitting by the fire. He smiled from ear to ear when he saw them. As it was his birthday, his mum and sister brought him a present and cards from his children. To watch a clip of Danny catching up with his mum and sister, 

After the celebrities were finished catching up with their loved ones, they set off to participate in the second last trial of the season, Family Tree. Described as a giant game of Operation, the loved ones must retrieve stars from large tree stumps with circuit rigged chopsticks. Every time the chopsticks touched the edge of the tree stump, the celebrity standing by received a dumping of slime and critters. Host Dr. Chris Brown came to the rescue of Danny’s mum Maria, who struggled with the chopsticks. 

Later in the show, hosts Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that English reality television star Vicky Pattison was the 10th celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Describing herself as the “human boob job”, Vicky entered camp in week three and gave the celebrities a well-needed boost of energy and charisma. She grew close to fellow intruder Paul Burrell, Jackie Gillies and also Fiona, to whom she opened up about her father’s struggle with alcohol.

After winning the UK series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in 2015, Vicky knew she was in for an incredible experience, with the opportunity to meet some amazing people and take part in unbelievable challenges. Vicky completed 11 trials, the most memorable being I Scream Shop, where she had to pick up a crocodile tail and ostrich anus with her mouth. 

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