Top Gear returns to 9Go!

Express from the UK, the world’s biggest motoring show, Top Gear, is back with all-new, high-octane action and adventure next week.

In the Australian premiere, join hosts Matt LeBlancChris Harris and Rory Reid as they trek across the world, from Japan, the USA, Portugal and Italy, with appearances from German race ace Sabine Schmitz, F1 mogul Eddie Jordan, and the international man of mystery himself, The Stig.


Not just a car show, Top Gear, now bigger and better than ever, is about friendship and adventure, so come along for the ride as the boys let you travel the world from the comfort of your own home, showcasing incredible cars and some not-so-desirable vehicles.

Watch the team as they try building the world’s fastest tractor, race up a mountain in Japan carrying giant Sumo wrestlers as cargo, put their foot down through America’s Wild West in shiny new V8 sports cars, attempt to land a NASA research plane, and much more.

This season, expect state-of-the-art supercars, celebrity guests, and a healthy disrespect for presenter safety with plenty of destruction and fiery explosions, as the team tackle the big issues in motoring.

Top Gear Premieres Wednesday, February 28, At 7.30pm On 9Go!