Today Show August 6

They are the lifeblood of Australia, but our farmers are in the battle of their lives against one of the most brutal droughts on record, and they need the nation’s help and support. 


In a special TODAY show event on Monday, August 6, we will be broadcasting live from the epicentre of drought-ravaged Australia. TODAY hosts Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner will be at Loomberah Hall in Tamworth, North West NSW, while Sylvia Jeffreys and Tim Gilbert will be in the town centre of Dirranbandi, South West Queensland.


With their once fertile land that supported diary, grain and cotton now arid dust bowls that are eating away at livelihoods and mental health, we will be meeting the heroes of the land to see what our farming communities are up against and how it’s reached crisis point.


Shining a spotlight on what we can all do to lend a hand, the special event show will raise awareness in city communities on just how tough our farmers are doing it and what needs to be done by the State and Federal Governments. With farmers facing the driest winter on record, we dissect what further assistance needs to be given.


Karl Stefanovic said: “Our farmers are the backbone of this great country, and they need our help. We want to shine a light on their plight and explain the issues they’re facing.”


Georgie Gardner said: “Our farmers are known for their resilience and work ethic. They’re a proud bunch that shun the limelight and rarely ask for help. That’s why it’s so critical to put the focus on this drought crisis and assist them to get back on their feet. We want our farmers and their families to know the whole nation is here to lend its support.”


Meanwhile, Sylvia Jeffreys will be alongside Tim Gilbert at Dirranbandi.


“The whole country is feeling the struggles of our farmers right now,” she says. “It has had such a devastatingly sad impact on large areas and families.”  


Viewers can help by donating to our special drought relief fund called Fighting For Our Families. The tax deductible donations are being administered by Rotary Australia and will be distributed to farmers in need with the help of the National Farmers’ Federation.

Tamworth Location: Loomberah Hall, Tamworth, NSW

Hosts: George Gardner & Karl Stefanovic

Dirranbandi Location: Centre of town

Hosts: Sylvia Jeffreys & Tim Gilbert