This Is US February 28

Tonight This Is Us the next chapter in the Pearson family story has a bit of star power.

Tonight on the critically-acclaimed family drama, Kate visits her brother Kevin on the set of the movie in which he stars. A starstruck Kate bonds with Kevin’s co-star, Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone, and reveals their father Jack was a massive fan of Sylvester’s work. Kevin is less than impressed with his sister’s revelations and the resulting impact it has on his performance.

Back in the past, a young Randall places an advertisement looking for his birth parents, while in the present day he and Beth receive some exciting news that affects their whole family.

A young Rebecca plans a date night with Jack in an attempt to reconnect with him after their fight, but the evening does not pan out as she hoped.

This Is Us. airs Tonight At 8.30pm on Ten.