The Project April 27

Tonight The Project continues the 60 Minutes story with another interview.

The wife of Adam Whittington, the CEO and founder of Child Abduction Recovery International (CARI), who organised the failed 60 Minutes child recovery attempt in Lebanon, speaks to The Project tonight at 6.30pm.

Karin Whittington is devastated that her husband, a former Australian Army soldier, has been left behind in a Beirut prison while the mother of the Elamine children, Sally Faulkner, and the four members of 60 Minutes were released.

In this television exclusive, The Project speaks to Karin from her home in Stockholm, Sweden, where the family resides. We find out how Karin and her family are coping while her husband remains behind bars, his fate resting with the Lebanese judicial system.

Speaking about her frustration with Nine Network and 60 Minutes, Karin claims: “They’re at home with their families and they haven’t spent one thought of me and my family. I think they should take responsibility to what they got involved in. You can’t just dismiss and say you don’t have any responsibility. Buy themselves in and buy themselves out. It’s not fair, I don’t think it’s fair at all.”

Tonight on The Project, we take a look at Karin and Adam’s side of the story and what can be done to have Adam released from prison.