The Living Room Outplay Have You Been Paying Attention?

It was a laugh a minute on last nights hilarious episode of All Star Family Feud when the cast of The Living Room took on the Have You Been Paying Attention? team.

Have You Been Paying Attention? host Tom Gleisner and his wise-cracking colleagues Ed Kavalee, Sam Pang and Jane Kennedy lost out to The Living Room team 232 points to 528.

Winning team captain Amanda Keller led her team mates Barry Du Bois, Chris Brown and Miguel Maestre to an early win in round one with “Name something best not spoken about at a dinner party”.

Sam took the opportunity to bad-mouth Have You Been Paying Attention? host Tom in round two, with the team going on to win the round when asked to “Name something a pirate needs”

Round three went to The Living Room team, who were asked to “Name a reason an actor may leave their role on a TV show”.

Ed and Miguel faced-off in a memorable meeting at the buzzers for round four. The round eventually went to Have You Been Paying Attention?, aided by Amanda’s strike when asked to “Name something you associate with aliens”.

The Living Room were the winners of rounds five and six, going on to take the game. Chris and Amanda stepped up for Fast Money duties, with Amanda displaying some impressive dance moves in the soundproof booth. Chris gave Amanda a good headstart with 150 points, Amanda making up the rest to take the team to 200, netting their charity R U OK? a total of $30,000.

Have You Been Paying Attention? also took home $10,000 for their charity, Igniting Change.