The Biggest Loser loses another contestant

After a valiant effort in the elimination arena, Tasmanian student nurse Sarah became the second contestant to leave The Biggest Loser: Transformed last night. 

Sarah was a great emotional support to her fellow Blue Team members over the past week, but when pitted against Amy and Matt on a spin bike challenge, her fitness level let her down.  


Winning against her friend, Amy said: “It is so sad to say goodbye to Sarah. I love her to death and going through this with her was heartbreaking.”


After the challenge, Sarah said to her trainer Shannan Ponton: “I so appreciate being a part of your team. You scared the hell out of me, but in a good way. And you’ve pushed me and that’s something I’ll take home.”


Sarah promised Shannan that she has got what it takes to continue with her fitness journey. Now back in Hobart, she isworking towards her goal of completing a marathon.