The Big Adventure finally hits the Mark

Australia has new millionaire in Mark Sellar after he won The Big Adventure.

The odds were with Mark, who finished up with seven out of the 12 keys, the most of any player. After the elimination of mum-of-two Paula and granddad Sean, it was left to Mark, Natalia and Julie to dig in the Treasure Grid. HR coordinator Julie had no luck with her two keys leaving Mark and Natalia to battle it out. Real estate agent

Natalia had three keys but it was one of Mark’s last keys which finally cracked open the treasure box laden with cash.

Mark leapt for joy, shaking his head in disbelief after his life-changing wind fall. “I cannot believe that has just happened. I’m a millionaire! I’ve actually got a million dollars! This is the most spectacular moment of my entire life. My dreams have completely come true.”

After years spent building other people’s homes, Mark hopes to use the money to construct his own dream house by the beach. He also plans to help his parents out financially. “They’ve given me so much. It would be great to give them something back.”