The Bachelor Returns

A new Bachelor and a new batch of drama to enjoy last night’s premiere had it all.

Tasmanian Bachelor Sam Wood had his work cut out for him , as he met 19 of Australia’s most engaging single women in the premiere of the new season of The Bachelor Australia.

Entering the Bachelor mansion for the first time, this year’s Bachelorettes were out to make an unforgettable first impression on Sam, bringing gifts, taking Polaroids and having some candid conversations.

Across a glittering cocktail party, Sam got to know all the Bachelorettes better through one-on-one conversations, but it was New South Wales filmmaker Heather who made the biggest impression. After an endearing chat about super heroes and awkward childhood stages, Sam chose to give Heather the white rose, a gift that gives her the power to create a date for the pair whenever she wants. On receiving the white rose,

Heather said: “I feel like it’s kind of a reassurance that I’m doing the right thing and that I’m deserving of someone’s attention. “When I make a date it’s always epic and Sam is a special person so I’m not going to fall short on this one.” Budding romance wasn’t the only drama that took place over the course of the evening, with jealousy and rivalries flaring up between some of the Bachelorettes, creating some of the show’s more memorable moments Sandra’s blow up over another contestant’s opinion  was the show’s golden moment. Along with  Tessa dropping the formal gear for a more laied back look. This season is shaping up to be one we can’t miss..


The Bachelor S3 Ep 1 Rose Ceremony- Tessa and Heather


Unfortunately, not all of the ladies were able to make it past their first impressions and Sam farewelled Gold Coast model Zilda and hospitality manager Jessica at the first rose ceremony. ‘

On her departure, Zilda said: “I guess we just didn’t really get to talk enough and didn’t get enough time together. Whatever is meant to be will be and so this is it for tonight unfortunately.”

Jessica was also philosophical about her departure, saying: “It’s sad to go, because it could have gone somewhere. It’s just what’s meant to happen.”

The Bachelor Australia continues tonight when Sam takes one lucky Bachelorette out on the first single date of the year