The Bachelor gets serious as drama unfolds

In the most dramatic episode yet Matty J took a leap of faith, falling into the perfect single date before being snapped back to reality by high drama and emotional turmoil.

For the single date, Matty J took brand manager Florence, to Olympic Park’s Australian Tower where they repelled down the 26-storey building. Nerves were high, but once the jump was completed and with their feet firmly on the ground, the pair were both thrilled with their efforts.
Unsure of whether the Dutch beauty considered Australia home, Matty hit Florence with the hard questions about where she thought her future would take her. Florence told Matty she had no intention of leaving Australia. Impressed by her direct nature, he gave her a kiss and a rose.

Back at the mansion, property executive Liz, 31, and marketing manager Jen, 27, learned they would be facing off in the ultimate battle for Matty’s affections: a two-on-one date. With just one rose on offer, Matty would say goodbye to one of the two ladies.


Liz and Jen started off on the wrong foot at the first cocktail party, when Liz referred to Jen’s dress as “putrid”. And the pair have made no secret of their thoughts about each other since.

After a ghost tour through a haunted house, Jen showed Matty her sensitive side as she expressed her desire to settle down with someone special. When Matty asked Liz how she felt about someday having a family, her hesitation left him unsure about their future, prompting him to say goodbye to her.

Leaving the date, Liz said: “I was true to myself . I wasn’t going to put on a show that wasn’t true to myself.”

Jen’s return to the mansion was met with surprise. When she hinted she had shared a kiss with Matty, the Bachelorettes were sceptical.

At the cocktail party, retail assistant Sian,  arrived feeling frustrated about her lack of interaction with Matty. When he entered the room only to take Laura away and give her a rose, Sian’s emotions took a dramatic turn.


Feeling unsure and confused about whether the experience was right for her, an emotional Sian spoke to Matty about her feelings. With Matty reassuring Sian, she admitted she saw potential with him and decided to stay. But after Sian had expressed this uncertainty, Matty was left questioning how compatible they really were.

In a pressure-filled rose ceremony, Matty handed roses to Tara, Sharlene, Leah and Elora. With nine Bachelorettes still waiting to learn their fate, Matty paused, leaving the Bachelorettes shocked confused.and the episode ended leaving everyone hanging.