Ten adds Survivor to Tuesdays

Ten has made a much welcome change to the schedule for next week.

 Australian Survivor will go to air three nights a week from Sunday 28 August, at 7.30pm, as the remaining castaways prepare to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to become the sole Survivor.

 This Sunday a clue for a coveted hidden immunity idol is up for grabs and everyone wants it.

 Criminal cartel lawyer Phoebe from NSW is about to make her move. She is ready to deceive her red Agonoa tribe for an advantage in the game, but will her strategy back fire? Phoebe said: “I’m playing this game hard. I want to win.”

As a result of the change, Modern Family  and Life in Pieces are currently out of Tuesdays.

Australian Survivor airs Three Nights A Week. Sunday, Monday And Tuesday At 7.30pm. On TEN