Survivor swaps tribes and changes the game

Rule 101 of Survivor never get too comfortable.

After 25 days of building connections and alliances within their tribes, tonight the remaining Castaways were told to drop their buffs. For some, this meant a change in team, but it also meant a breakdown in alliances for everyone.


For the Contenders, it was Tegan and Shonee who had to swap sides, while Sharn, Lydia and Monika all said goodbye to their Champion tribemates.


At the Champions camp, Tegan who had just survived Exile Beach, felt her head firmly on the chopping block again as she and Shonee became the firm outsiders. Victorian Poker Player Jackie quickly got to work trying to use their arrival to her advantage and get them on side.


On the Contenders beach, the three ex-Champions quickly began remodelling the campsite and laying alliance groundwork with Robbie and Benji.


At the Immunity Challenge, both tribes were out to prove their new line-up had the upper hand. In a test of strength and endurance, the new partnership of Construction Manager Robbie and Olympic Freestyle Skier Lydia proved strongest for the Contenders, narrowly beating out Champions Olympic Swimming Legend Shane and Pro-Skater’s Wife Shonee.


Despite heavy rain back at camp initially hampering their efforts, the Champs started to make their moves and form strategies on who to vote for. Jackie, who felt on the outs with her original Champion tribe members, turned to Tegan and Shonee to start a new alliance.


Jackie’s plan backfired when Tegan revealed to Dual Rugby Legend Mat that she had been approached to come on board. Feeling his position threatened, Mat started to make plans among the original Champions to send Jackie home first.


At Tribal Council, Shonee and Tegan spoke about how fragile their position within the tribe is, an idea that was backed up by Former AFL Star, Brian. However, it was Jackie who was voted out with a majority of four votes, just ahead of Brian on two.


On leaving Survivor, Jackie said: “I did decide I was going to play hard and makes some moves. I just didn’t want to sit there and ride through on someone else’s coat tails. I came out here to make some moves and that’s exactly what I did.”