Survivor moral dilemma leads to a shocking farewell

Survivor had a moral dilemma that put tribe loyalty to the test and a dramatic Tribal Council saw a favorite sent packing.

As a divided Samatau came to grips with losing another tribe mate, Tessa attempted to rebuild relationships and search for an immunity idol in the hope of saving herself should they end up at Tribal Council again.

Arriving at the reward challenge, the Samatau castaways put their differences aside when they saw a tantalising box of fresh herbs and spices, coffee, tea, salt and pepper up for grabs. Although Locky began to sink on his surfboard early in the coarse, Samatau came from behind to take home the loot.

Back at camp, Tarzan decided to go fishing. On his way, he stumbled across a jar of cookies, some firewood and a moral dilemma: take the cookies and hide them from the tribe or share the firewood for the good of all. Taking the moral high ground, an emotional Tarzan took the firewood back to camp and was hailed a hero.

At Asanga, the tribe returned from the challenge empty-handed and discovered their fire had gone out. As they searched for dry wood, Jericho encountered the same dilemma as Tarzan – but he took the cookies and began to plan a cheeky strategy.

After labelling himself the Cookie Monster, Jericho shar,ed four of his cookies with Henry, gaining some trust and power to further himself in the game. At midnight he shared cookies with Luke. The pair sat in the dark and laughed hysterically as they gorged the tasty treats.

At the immunity challenge, Samatau continued their losing streak in a closely fought battle. The prospect of another Tribal Council sent Tessa into survival mode and her frantic idol search continued.

Tarzan, also at the bottom of the alliance, decided to help Tessa. As luck would have it, he stumbled across the coveted necklace in a tree. Handing it to Tessa, Tarzan made a bold move to save her game at the risk of his own.

Now with the power back on their side, Tessa and Tarzan enlisted AK to join their alliance, with a plan to make a big move and take out Locky.

As tensions rose at Tribal Council, the majority alliance looked smug as Tessa attempted to convince them that they would have to turn on each other eventually

The votes were cast, Tessa played her idol and, in a dramatic twist, Tarzan was sent home from Australian Survivor. After a hug with Jonathan Tarzan explained that the plan to get rid of Locky unfortunately backfired when they shared it with AK.

As the rain beat down, Samatau trudged back to camp to play for another day.