Survivor sends another one packing

Last night, the game stepped up a notch and alliances were tested on Australian Survivor.

Still spinning after his successful blindside on Jacqui, Luke could not wipe the smile from his face as he returned to a fractured Asaga camp after Tribal Council. He had now broken up the original majority alliance, leaving Kent and Odette on the bottom.


Over at Samatau, Ben and Henry were busy making friends with their new tribe. Quietly confident, Henry was sure that his plan to make allies on both sides of the game would see him through to the end. Meanwhile, Ben was cracking into the majority alliance and agreed with Jarrad to take out his former tribemate if need be.


Arriving at the reward challenge, Henry was shocked to see that Jacqui had been eliminated. His game was not going to plan and he realised that he would need to work hard to make a solid alliance at Samatau.


After a complicated obstacle course and puzzle, an elated Asaga came from behind to win an afternoon at the Australian Survivor Ice Cream Parlour.

While devouring the ice cream with all kinds of trimmings, Anneliese found a hidden immunity idol clue. Enlisting the help of Sarah, the pair devised a plan to pick up the idol at the next immunity challenge, as per the map.


At Samatau, Henry hosted a game of beach trivia with the whole tribe in a bid to win some friends and allies. While all conceded that he was great for team morale, they also agreed Henry was dangerous, charming and should be the next to go.

At the immunity challenge, Asaga had a breakdown in communication and were annihilated by Samatau. Although it did not all go to plan for the blue team, Anneliese managed to get her hands on the idol, which she shared with Sarah back at camp.

In another twist, Henry also snuck an idol clue into Jericho’s pocket after the challenge in a bid to rebuild his allies back at Asaga. Little did Jericho know, but Henry had already pocketed the idol at Asaga beach a long time ago.

Back at camp, Kent sat on the beach and waited for his tribemates to approach him to talk politics. With Odette on side, he hoped to win over the new additions to the tribe, Anneliese and Tara, as well as Sarah, to have the majority and vote Michelle out.

At the same time Michelle, with Luke and Jericho, was gunning for Kent. They also needed the votes of Sarah, Anneliese and Tara.

At Tribal Council Jericho brought to light that Michelle and Kent did not get along, opening a can of worms. The tribe voted and, to Michelle’s delight, Kent was the ninth contestant to be sent home from Australian Survivor.