Survivor reveals it’s top four

Last night five became four as Survivor kicked off it’s huge finale week.

While Fia Fia’s core four El, Lee, Flick and Kristie celebrated making it to their fiftieth day on Australian Survivor, Matt was feeling less exuberant.

Feeling betrayed by Flick and Kristie’s decision to flip on their plan to vote out El at the last Tribal Council, Matt was determined to shake things up, win Immunity and cause chaos in camp.

Flick believed her decision to spare El and send Sam out of the game had proved her loyalty to the Samoa sisterhood and would automatically secure her as El’s comrade of choice in the top two.

But when El hesitated to agree to the proposal, Flick attempted to reform a rogue alliance consisting of herself, Matt and Kristie to finally oust the power couple El and Lee. With Flick and Matt firmly in one corner and El and Lee in the other, Kristie was thrilled to discover she had the deciding vote.

The  Immunity Challenge required the final five tribe members to balance a ball on a wooden disc. At regular intervals, second and third balls were added to make the challenge more difficult. While Matt the magician put in a stellar effort, it was Lee who pulled a hat trick, scoring his third consecutive win and a guaranteed place in the final four.

Returning to camp, Matt attempted to lay low, hoping to keep El and Lee in the dark about the newly reformed alliance’s plan. Meanwhile, Flick and Kristie snuck away from camp to confirm their plan. Both girls were feeling so confident in their new alliance that they decided to be honest with good friend El by letting her know they would be sending her home.  Their plan quickly backfired when El accused Flick of being a liar and warned Kristie not to trust her.

El quickly brought Lee up to speed and Lee made it clear to Kristie that if she crossed the power couple by voting for El, Lee would not hesitate to send Kristie home next.

With the rain pouring down around them, the five tribe members were stuck together in their shelter as they awaited Tribal Council. Matt and Lee argued about whether Kristie should vote for El or Flick, and Lee told Matt that he was also on the chopping block due to the threat he posed in challenges.

Heading to Tribal Council, Kristie’s vote was still up in the air, leaving El, Flick and Matt all in danger of being eliminated.

With Matt receiving three votes, his fiftieth day on Survivor became his last.

After his flame was snuffed out, Matt said: “You know that you have the numbers and the power to get rid of the strongest two players in this game. So why don’t you do it? It baffles me. One of the three of us, one should be winning this game. But instead, I’m out. Next, it will be Flick and after that, it will be Kristie.”