Survivor delivers a surprising game changer

The surprises kept coming on Survivor last night.

Asaga returned from a ruthless Tribal Council where former SAS Troop Commander Mark called out Henry and Jacqui as the new power couple and warned the tribe of their power, but his efforts to save himself fell short and the tribe sent home their muscle.

Upset with the shortsightedness of the tribe sending home its key firestarter and challenge performer, Jericho decided to make Asaga pay for their decision by dousing the fire while everyone slept.

The Asaga tribe mates woke up the next morning cold and hungry. An angry Jericho and Luke vowed not to help their tribe mates and sat back to watch everyone scramble to fend for themselves.

Over at Samatau, Locky, Tara and Anneliese were still on the bottom of the tribe. Keen to prove his worth, Locky increased his efforts to provide for the camp. Frustrated at A.K.’s control of the camp, Locky and Tara set their sights on Ziggy, determined to get her on side and turn the tables on A.K.

At the reward challenge,Jonathan revealed that an afternoon of pampering at the spa was on offer, complete with soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

To win, each tribe had to work together and transport a ball balanced on a small disc suspended by ropes across an obstacle course. First across the line would win the reward. Asaga struggled to keep the ball suspended and were sent back to the start twice before catching up to Samatau and finally taking the lead. Accurate throwing by Kent and Henry saw Asaga win its first reward challenge in weeks.

Back at Samatau, Locky and Ziggy got frustrated with the laziness of their fellow camp mates, in particular, A.K. With Ziggy detesting laziness, it was exactly what Locky needed to convince her to swap alliances.


At the immunity challenge, each tribe was divided into three pairs to solve and open three large gates. Once all gates were open, the contestants had to drag one tribe member along the course on a

heavy wooden chariot armed with a torch. The first tribe to light a fire at the finish line would win immunity. Samatau took an early lead but Ziggy and Peter struggled at the final gate, allowing Asaga to make up for lost time and inch ahead to win immunity.

Back at Samatau, Tara vowed not to give up. Still determined to convert Ziggy, Tara and Locky tried one last time to turn her loyalty. But Anneliese, who originally aligned herself with Locky and Ziggy, was determined to put herself above Tara in A.K.’s eye, and agreed to work as a double agent.

As Samatau walked into Tribal Council, both sides were confident of their alliance and their decision on who was going home tonight.

As Jonathan read out the votes, it was clear there were three names on the chopping block: A.K., Locky and Tara. It was a tie.

between A.K. and Tara and the tribe were asked to revote. Jonathan read out the votes and Tara was eliminated.


However, Jonathan surprised the tribe with the news that a second person is to be eliminated. The tribe were then asked to vote immediately. Without time to collude with their alliance, Ziggy yelled out “Anneliese” as she voted, a clear message to her alliance to follow her lead. Anneliese became the second person to be eliminated.


But as both Tara and Anneliese prepared to have their torch snuffed, Jonathan unexpectedly told them they were off to Exile Beach and would join Asaga the following day, a turn of events that left the existing tribe mates as stunned as the eliminated contestants.