Survivor begins the end game as a contender is sent to the jury

The blindsides continue to happen as Survivor starts to form the jury.

After the shock departure of Champion powerhouse Lydia at the previous Tribal Council, Robbie found himself on the outside of the majority vote alongside Benji. Knowing they were on the chopping block for the next vote, the pair scrambled to forge new allies.

In an attempt to save his game, Benji decided the best course of action was to nudge his way into Mat’s good graces and tear the Champion alliance down from within.

At camp, Tribe matriarch Sharn was nominated to face a moral dilemma on behalf of all of the Castaways. Faced with choosing an advantage for herself or feeding the tribe, Sharn decided to take the advantage for herself which would play out later at the Challenge

At the Immunity Challenge, each contestant was required to hold a disk, weighted with a sandbag, between their palms. Sharn’s advantage saw her given a sandbag that was 50 percent lighter than the other competitors. Although he tried desperately to cling on, Robbie lost his grip, giving Sharn a back-to-back Immunity win.

After the Challenge, Mat confirmed to Robbie that he would be sent home for being too big a threat. In a do-or-die bid to stay in the competition, Robbie and Benji desperately tried to sway Sam and Shonee to join them in a power play that would send Mat home. However, when Benji realised there was little he could do to save his closest ally, he pledged his loyalty to Mat instead.


At a tense tribal council, Robbie acknowledged it was likely he would go home. He expressed how disappointed he was that he was being targeted for trying his best and giving his all to challenges.

In a last bid to save himself, he urged the tribe to turn the majority into the minority by voting for Mat. With Benji and the majority alliance voting against him, Robbie became the 14th contestant voted out of Survivor and the first member of the jury.

Upon his departure, Robbie said: “First member of the jury is epic. I’m gone but I got through it. I came into survivor to prove my worth to the other competitors and I’ve done that. I came into Survivor to give it my all, and I have.”