Sunday Night March 29

This week Sunday Night has two must see stories, one on Strokes the other on Sam who was  as at the centre of one of America’s longest running international kidnapping cases


It’s the intriguing case of Sam, a girl from Townsville with a seemingly ordinary life. For most of her 21 years, Sam had no idea of her extraordinary past – that she was at the centre of one of America’s longest running international kidnapping cases. For Samantha was born Savanna, and as a baby, she was kidnapped by her mother following a bitter custody battle with her father. Sam grew up in South Africa and Australia believing another man was her Dad. But the truth finally came out when her mother was arrested by the FBI and extradited back to America. Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler is in Charleston, South Carolina, with Sam for her mother’s trial and to find out whether she’ll finally meet her real father.


For Australian stroke victims John Peard and Kylie Newlove, it was the news they’d been waiting years to hear – a new treatment that may help with their debilitating condition. The footy legend and mother of five put their faith in an experimental drug that’s being used in America. With no clinical trials to back up its use with people who’ve suffered a stroke, they were treated with Etanercept. The results are extraordinary and within minutes, both claimed they underwent a dramatic transformation. Sunday Night host Chris Bath was there to witness the moment John and Kylie say their lives were changed forever

7 PM Sunday on Seven

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