Sunday Night October 9

This weekend Sunday Night has a  shark attack survivor and Andre Reiu.

he Fatal Shore
Summer is not yet here and already there’s been a shark attack on our beaches. Thankfully, teenage surfer Cooper Allen survived his encounter last week with a four-metre great white. But of greater concern is where it happened – a beautiful and dangerous stretch of coastline that’s fast becoming our Fatal Shore. As the debate again surfaces over how to best protect surf-loving Aussies, young Cooper tells Sunday Night he had one greater fear than being bitten by a shark – what his Mum would say. Reporter Rahni Sadler catches up with mother and son as he recovers from the terrifying attack.

The Hunting Grounds
A shameful epidemic is sweeping our universities. Female students are being sexually assaulted in frightening numbers, with only a fraction of the assaults resulting in any punishment for the offenders. While the accused are often allowed to continue their studies, their victims are left broken and afraid. In a Sunday Night major investigation, three brave young women speak out for the first time. And as PJ Madam uncovers, they all paint the same picture – that some of our most reputable universities have become hunting grounds for young predators.

King of the Waltz
In a time of pop, rock and roll and heavy metal, he chose the most unlikely musical path to fame and fortune. But by becoming the King of the Waltz, André Rieu has taken his violin to the top of the charts to become one of the world’s most popular and successful artists. As Kerri-Anne Kennerley discovers, the musical maestro’s life is like one of his extravagant concerts, full of passion and surprises.

Sunday at 8.10pm on Seven.