Sunday Night October 22

This weekend Sunday Night has a star studded affair with Dustin Martin and Jimmy Barnes.

Booted Out
Dustin Martin is now one of the AFL greats. A grand final victory and Brownlow Medal this season, and Dusty’s only just beginning. But he’d gladly give it all away just to have his dad back home with him in Australia. His father was deported to New Zealand last year as part of a blitz against foreign-born criminals and bikies. While Shane Martin has never been jailed for any offence, a convicted killer who’s been jailed 16 times has been allowed to stay. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen asks why, as Dusty and his family prepare to take their case all the way to the High Court.

Working Class Man
We’ve always known he was a wild one. As wild as they come. Since the 70s, Jimmy Barnes has been singing his heart out, belting out hit after hit that in some ways told the story of our lives. But only recently has he found the will and the courage to confront his own life – his own demons. The drugs. The booze. And the darkest night of his life, when he almost ended it all. Rahni Sadler reports.

Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.