Sunday Night May 10

This weekend Sunday Night has a 24 year murder mystery and helps an obese father lose  the pounds.

Person of Interest
After 24 years, is the brutal unsolved murder of a sweet country girl about to be cracked? Twenty-year-old Penny May Hill left mum, dad and a loving home to start work as a nanny in a new town a few hours away. Three days later her battered, near lifeless body was found dumped on the outskirts of town. She died two weeks later. Two coronial inquests have failed to solve the mystery of who killed Penny Hill. Now, a relentless cop, driven by Penny’s heartbroken parents and a determination that justice be done, is on the trail looking for the one clue everyone’s missed. His new lines of inquiry are angering Penny’s ex-boyfriend, who tells Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen in an extraordinary interview that he’s bewildered why police would suggest that he is now a person of interest.

Andre’s Last Chance
As many as a thousand Australians are trapped in their homes by extreme obesity. They are often too large to leave their beds and too ashamed to ask for help. Australia’s largest man weighed nearly half a tonne when he asked for help. Sunday Night goes on an incredible journey with the 35-year-old father who has a choice; lose hundreds of kilograms or lose his life. How did he gain so much weight, why wasn’t his problem with food and obesity dealt with earlier and what he’s doing to get rid of it is an unforgettable story of love, support and survival.

9pm Sunday on Seven.