Sunday Night December 5

Sunday Night again delivers a mix of the old and new in summer.

Endless Summer
It’s 50 years since Dorian ‘Doc’ Paskowitz and his wife Juliette began a bold family experiment. They raised nine children in a small campervan with hardly any money, no school and the beach as their backyard. Doc Paskowitz was a successful GP with a busy practice, but he gave it up along with his home and all his possessions to bring up his children unaffected by money and unspoiled by the real world. They travelled from beach to beach in the campervan and lived an endless summer for 15 years. Then it all went wrong. The radical approach to parenting is controversial and has been labelled as either inspired or completely misguided. Everyone will have a view. Sunday Night guest reporter Kerri-Anne Kennerley tracks down Doc, Juliette and the children to find out if the grand experiment worked or failed. You’ll be surprised to learn what happened and what the children missed the most.

Sunday Night will also encore two popular stories from earlier this year:

Watch Your Step
Be careful where you step. At any time, without warning, the ground can open up and swallow everything. It might be a whole street. It could be a house or a building. Sometimes it’s a pedestrian. More sinkholes than ever are opening up around the world and devouring prime real estate in unexpected places. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen travels to the sinkhole capital of the world and ventures inside an active sinkhole to find out why this frightening phenomenon is on the move. Alex also witnesses the birth of a new sinkhole as he explores an Australian sinkhole hot spot.

Love in a Cold Climate
Join a remarkable young Aussie couple who plunged their entire savings into a leaky boat and big dream. Jess and Chris put their lives and their love on the line in a high-risk magical journey to sail the North West Passage to Alaska. Sunday Night host Chris Bath reports on all the drama of the epic crossing, encounters with polar bears and killer whales and the most romantic marriage proposal you will ever see. How does it all end? With a wedding that will make your heart melt.

Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.