Studio 10 November 9

Tomorrow Studio 10 celebrates its 5th Birthday and promises a few surprises.

et out the sparklers, the cake and the crazy Uncle, or in our case the loveable Jono Coleman, to celebrate Studio 10’s fifth birthday this Friday, 9 November.

Fresh from their makeover last week, Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Denise Scott, Angela Bishop and Kerri-Anne Kennerley, will be joined by a plethora of special guests, including original co-host Jessica Rowe.

Regular favourites Sandra Sully, Susie Elelman, Peter Berner and Johnny Ruffo (who will come bearing a special announcement in lieu of a birthday present) will also descend on the studio for a piece of cake and some bubbles.

Shannon Noll will also perform one of his hits and Greg Arnold fromThings of Stone and Wood will perform a very special rendition of his hit Happy Birthday Helen.

Sarah Harris said: “For five years we’ve been the little show that could, punching above our weight and even nabbing a Logie nomination last year. I can’t wait to celebrate with my TV family and those at home who have been there every step of the way.”

Hosts will recount their favourite moments and share their highlights from the past five years, which will no doubt include a nail gun near miss, pregnancy announcements, a Paula Abdul residency and everything in-between.

Come and celebrate with the Studio 10 team this Friday, 9 November from 8.30am.