Steve Price Farewells the jungle

Steve Price has become the next celebrity to farewell the jungle as I’m a Celebrity revealed it’s final four.

Just under six weeks ago, the television and radio presenter met Ash Pollard, Casey Donovan, Jay Laga’aia and Lisa Curry in the depths of the African jungle for a final taste of champagne before being thrown into camp life.

After a zip line of epic proportions, the five celebrities met fellow campmates Dane Swan, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Nazeem Hussain, Tom Arnold and Tegan Martin, and set off into the wilderness, unaware of the difficult journey ahead.
Labelled by Tegan and Tziporah Malkah as Grumpy Cat, Steve played up to the cranky and irritable character around the camp, but also showed his sensitive and considerate side.

There was not a dry eye in the house when the celebrities received Valentine’s Day cards from their loved ones back home, but it was Steve’s emotional reaction to a letter from his daughter that tugged on the heartstrings of campmates and viewers alike.

One of Steve’s biggest contributions to camp life was his Jungle Radio segment. Through a series of in-depth interviews with fellow campmates, Steve provided entertainment for the group, uncovering fascinating stories with the likes of Tziporah, Nazeem, Dane and Carson Kressley.
As a well-known conservative radio shock jock and television personality, Steve has never shied away from sharing his opinion. This was particularly evident when Keira Maguire entered the camp. Steve could not cope with Keira’s naïve and immature approach to camp life and almost let the controversial Bachelorette get the better of him, threatening to walk away from the game.

Steve was hard to rattle in the jungle, unfazed by the creepy crawlies, African delicacies and terrifying Tucker Trials. He formed strong friendships with Ash, Dane and Nazeem, made his political views known to his campmates and always pulled his weight around camp

During his time in the jungle, Steve took part in 10 Tucker Trials, the most memorable being Slip N Slide, where he teamed with funny man Nazeem to bring home 10 of the 12 available stars.

Suspended above a river in two slippery perspex boxes, the pair became masters of communication, keeping the tubes level and collecting stars along the way.

When Steve and Nazeem returned to camp, the pair of tricksters convinced the other celebrities they had only managed to win one star in the trial. Although the campmates were supportive, spirits were lifted when the dinner loot was delivered.

Despite his grumpy ways, Steve was a valuable member of the camp and will be missed by all his peers in the jungle

Casey Donovan, Nazeem Hussain, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Dane Swan remain in the jungle ahead of the final two episodes on Sunday and Monday