Stan releases new Bloom Teaser about Sam

Stan has today released a new teaser for Bloom which will premiere next year.

The teaser focuses on the mysterious character ‘Sam’, portrayed by Ryan Corr (Holding the Man, Hacksaw Ridge), a youthful stranger who blows into town with incredible energy and violent instincts… hinting at his true “adult self” and his own dark past.


Bloom is a mystery drama about the scarcity of time and the choices we make. Beyond the impulses of youth and the regrets of age lies a secret. One year after a devastating flood kills five locals in an idyllic country town, a mysterious new plant appears with the power to restore youth. It’s a gift powerful beyond wildest imaginings. A phenomenon so formidable that attempting to harness its potency means re-evaluating everything that’s important. It’s a miracle some will kill to keep secret.

Stan Original Series BLOOM will premiere New Year’s Day with 6 episodes.