Netflix’s Special Review

This week, Netflix unveils an original series that is quiet special for being different in more ways than one.

In Special we meet Ryan Kayes (Ryan O’Connell), a gay man with mild cerebral palsy, who decided to rewrite his identity and finally go after the life he wants. Things don’t exactly start out well for Ryan when he is hit by a car in the first few moments of the episode. However, after a minor setback, things are looking up as he begins an internship at EggWoke, sort of a new-age Buzzfeed.

Under the guidance of intern supervisor Olivia (Marla Mindelle who likes to exploit her coworker’s personal stories for content, Ryan begins his first day where he is put in charge of mail. It doesn’t go well but we are introduced to the super confident Kim (Punam Patel), who helps him out. It soon becomes clear that Ryan is choosing not to be truthful about his condition.

Also involved in the series is Ryan’s mother Karen (Jessica Hecht), who is loving and sweet but at times a little overbearing, taking an interest in new neighbourhood arrival Phil (Patrick Fabian).

Will Ryan ever be able to achieve his goals and embrace his condition as the series develops?

This super short series, consisting of eight 20-minute instalments, is, put simply, a masterpiece. Whether it be the need to be independent or to find love, Ryan O’Connell does it with a realistic approach and a script that is both witty and refreshing.

The acting here is great with O’Connell being easy to watch as we invest in Ryan’s story and adventures, which include being intimate for the first time and going on a blind date. Punam Patel also shines as Kim.

Special is a series that everyone should see – it’s a delightgul two hours which is hard to forget.

5 Stars

Special premiers on Netflix on Friday April 12.