South Australian Reveal on House Rules leaves judges perplexed (UPDATED)

Last night, Kate and Harry’s half a house became a boho-inspired family home but it wasn’t without drama.

Before Kate left she advised the teams she wanted an open plan living home so their son could still be seen while she did the cooking. Most teams took the advice and turned the half a house into a fully functional home in just seven days however Fiona and Nicole didn’t follow Kate’s advice

Zones were decided by last weeks top scorers Aaron and Daniella who also had the choice of doing a kids playroom for the bouns room which they took on with gusto.

SEAN & ELLA  entrance Kitchen and Study Nook 

Entrance: LLB thought it was hit and miss, more beach hut than boho.  “A non-event and not very welcoming at all. All clutter and toot!” Drew: “One idea too many,” but he liked the “playfulness” of the pink front door.

Kitchen: Judges liked the black kitchen theme, layout and use of the timber benchtop. Drew: “It looks slick and fantastic.” LLB: “It’s rock & roll, I’m heartened by this” but all agreed the matte black cabinets were bad for finger prints and needed handles. Wendy would have liked to have seen more pink used in the room.

Study nook: Didn’t quite hit the mark, LLB questioned if anyone would want to sit in the corner and stare at two black walls.  Wendy disagreed, saying it had all the looks, but none of the practicality.

Score 19/30

TROY & BEC  Xavier’s bedroom and bathroom 

Bathroom: Judges love patterned floor tiles, LLB thinks they nailed boho “bang between the eyes.” Drew thinks bath is too small. LLB wanted brighter turquoise tiles, hated toilet paper art “this is from hell”.

Xavier’s Bedroom: Judges thought there was too much going on. The team had all the right elements but in all the wrong positions. Their statement artwork was at the wrong height. LLB said they had a “cross-eyed eye for design!”

Score 16/30

FIONA & NICOLE  Loungeroom and Laundry 

Loungeroom: Judges hated it, hobo not boho, looked like the before (not the after). Too many ill-chosen pieces of furniture. Wendy said keeping the wall was “arrogant” to ignore the homeowners wishes LLB: “There is stuff of such satanic hideousness.” Drew: “It’s like someone’s left their washing there.”

Laundry: Judges agreed it was not very well done and not boho. LLB: “It could have been a dream, but it was a nightmare.” Wendy agreed saying it was a ”missed opportunity.”

Score 13/30

ANDREW & JONO Dining Room and Ensuite 

Dining Room: Judges loved it. LLB: “Exuberant, fun, boho, I love it!” Judges loved Andrew & Jono’s use of pastels.

Ensuite: Beautiful. Loved upcycled vanity, LLB loved their “rule breaking” with the random tiles, simple layout, bang on message. But all judges agreed they needed a door to protect the carpet from water run-off.

Score  20/30

AARON & DANIELLA Master Bedroom Hallway and Bouns Room 

Master bedroom: Judges said it fell short. They hated the bedhead and said the wardrobe should have had doors. Drew: “This wardrobe looks like a flatpack kit that’s been half assembled and the doors have been forgotten.” Overall LLB thought it was a “fractured space with no heart.”

Hallway: The judges thought the lighting was wrong. They hated the ceiling mat. Drew: “It would look better in the garden.” LLB said the hanging carpet belonged “back on the monk from which they took it!”

Bonus Room: Not for all ages. It’s very white, clinical, it has nothing friendly or happy, no sense of design. Drew: “I think they’ve failed.” 

Score 13/20

Updated 9/05/17 with home onwers thoughts.

Last night Kate and Harry returned to their home and got the surprise of their lives when they returned to their dream home.

SEAN & ELLA  entrance Kitchen and Study Nook 

Kate and Harry absolutely loved the entry. “It was the best entry that I’ve ever seen,” said Kate. Harry wasn’t overly comfortable with the pink door.

Kate and Harry were blown away by the kitchen. They said Sean and Ella hit the house rule ‘keep it real with nothing faux’ by including the timber breakfast bar. Sensational. “You hit every mark in that kitchen and I can’t wait to do some cooking in there,” said Harry.

They said the styling was perfect in the study nook. Harry liked the lighting, Kate thought it was a bit random.

Score 9/10

TROY & BEC  Xavier’s bedroom and bathroom 

 Kate didn’t like the gloss black and white cabinetry in Xavier’s bedroom, too modern and threw off the boho. She said the statement piece was hung a bit high, and she wasn’t sure about the square of wallpaper.Kate thought the tiles on the Family Bathroom floor could have been bigger, but the pattern was perfect. They also wondered whether the turquoise tiles should have gone along the whole wall and Harry would have liked a bigger bath.

Kate thought the tiles on the Family Bathroom floor could have been bigger, but the pattern was perfect. Wondered whether the turquois tiles should have gone along the whole wall and Harry would have liked a bigger bath.

Score 6/10

FIONA & NICOLE  Loungeroom and Laundry 

Kate and Harry thought the laundry was hit and miss. The gloss cabinets missed the mark for timber and boho. Harry said the blue strip lighting made it feel like a disco, while Kate wondered if Fiona and Nicole sacrificed space in other rooms for the size The loungeroom was a bit all “over the shop,“ said Harry. Very boho, but too much happening. Kate and Harry were thrown by the wall wondering if their parting wishes about wanting open plan living were ignored.

Score 5/10

ANDREW & JONO Dining Room and Ensuite 

Kate and Harry thought Andrew and Jono’s Ensuite was the best room in the house by an absolute mile. “It deserves a round of applause,” said Harry. It was spot on black and white boho, and they couldn’t fault it.

Kate thinks there was too much colour in the Dining Room, black and white boho was forgotten and the chairs were too much.

Score 7/10

AARON & DANIELLA Master Bedroom Hallway and Bouns Room 

Kate and Harry said the feature timber bed in the Master Bedroom was “sensational” and they loved the open cabinetry of the wardrobe. They were both divided over the ceiling feature in the hallway, but loved the rug on the wall and the floor runner.

Score 8/10

Kate and Harry failed the bonus room – a playroom for all ages. Kate said although Xavier will spend hours and hours in there, big kid Harry felt forgotten about.

With the judges and home owners scores combined the leaderboard looks like this.

Sean and Ella 28

Andrew and Jono 27

Troy and  Bec 22

Fiona and Nicole 18

Aaron and Daniella 16