Seven Returns MKR Shield Criminal Minds as Easter appears

Next week may be Easter but Seven are returning to normal programming.

Fans of My Kitchen Rules won’t have to suffer withdrawals much longer . Seven are also kicking off New seasons of Criminal Minds (season 10 and returning Agent’s of Shield just a few weeks after the states.

Sunday April 5

7:00 Highway Patrol (double episode)
8:00 Border Patrol
8:30 Castle New
9:30 Castle
10:30 Movie – The Sweetest Thing

Monday April 6

7:30 My Kitchen Rules
9:00 Revenge
10:00 Parenthood

Tuesday April 7

7:30 My Kitchen Rules
9:00 How to Get Away with Murder
10:00 Grey’s Anatomy

Wednesday April 8

7:30 My Kitchen Rules
9:00 Criminal Minds  (new season premiere that brings Jennifer Love Hewitt to the team)
10:00 Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D new double episode resumes from episode 11 of season 2

Thursday April 9

8:00 Special – Hello: This is Australia
9:00 State of Affairs Double episode
11:00 The Amazing Race

Friday April 10

7:00 Better Homes and Gardens
8:30 Movie – It’s Complicated
11:00 Movie – Cape Fear

Saturday April 11

7:00 Movie – Enchanted
9:15 Movie – Liar, Liar


  • Andrew Offer

    Hmmm weird that 7 have since moved Murder to Wednesday at 9. Very interested to see whats on Tuesday now….have to wait longer for the midseason final GRRR