Sam sent home from Survivor

It was one of the most antici[ated Survivor episodes  all season as   Sam was eliminated in a tense Tribal Council, as power couple Lee and El exacted their revenge.

Earlier, Sam was out of luck when he was marooned without food or shelter on Exile Beach with arch-enemies Lee and El. Sam was relying on Matt to persuade Flick and Kristie to form a new alliance with them and eliminate Lee and El from the game.

Buoyed by a good night’s sleep, food and a new alliance, Matt, Flick and Kristie arrived at the Reward Challenge ready to win. In contrast Lee, Sam and El were exhausted from their night on Exile Beach.

Divided into two teams, the castaways had to complete an obstacle course while carrying coconut water in their mouths, spitting the water into a jar at the course end. The first team to fill their jar would win an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Lee, El and Sam put fatigue aside and dug deep, winning the challenge.

When the castaways returned to camp, strategy discussions reached fever pitch. Matt told Sam about the new alliance and Sam was over the moon to be given a lifeline in the game.

Kristie became emotional when contemplating her new alliance, which caused a nervous Flick to grab control herself and tell Lee and El that Matt was plotting against them. Kristie then confessed to Lee that a new alliance had been discussed.

The Immunity Challenge required each castaway to balance on an unstable raft, floating in the ocean. Sam, El and Lee’s advantage saw them start the challenge a full 10 minutes after Flick, Matt and Kristie. With everyone determined to win, the challenge lasted more than an hour, but Lee eventually triumphed.

As the tribe mates prepared for Tribal Council, Kristie was torn between her loyalty to Lee and El, and the knowledge that she stood a better chance of winning if she sided with Flick, Matt and Sam. Once again, Kristie held the balance of power in her hands.

At Tribal Council, Lee sat comfortably with his Immunity necklace. He tried to fend off accusations that he and El were the “power couple”, and El fired back, voicing her dislike for Sam as he had voted for her at a previous Tribal Council.

When Jonathan called for the tribe mates to place their votes, Lee elected to use the advantage he had won weeks earlier. The advantage allowed him to prevent one contestant from voting. He selected Sam.

Despite promises to their new alliance, Flick and Kristie stuck with Lee and El’s plan to spIit the vote between Sam and Matt. With this split, the tribe mates had to vote for a second time and Sam was sent home.

After his torch was snuffed out, Sam said: “It’s been 49 days of blood, sweat and tears. There have been highs and lows, and I’m very proud of where I’m at. There are so many positives to take away from this that are life-defining and life-changing.”