Presto gets Home and Away Summer Event

Fans of Home and Away won’t suffer summer withdrials this year with a special event planned exclusively for Presto.

Called  Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye  the special will centre on the Braxton family and will see the special guest return of Home and Away favourites, Dan Ewing (‘Heath’) and Lisa Gormley (‘Bianca’). who departed the soap last year.

Regular cast members  including Bonnie Sveen (‘Ricky’), Kyle Pryor (‘Nate’), George Mason (‘Ash’), Isabella Giovinazzo (‘Phoebe’), Nic Westaway (‘Kyle’), Lynne McGranger (‘Irene’) and Pia Miller (’Kat’). will all appear.


“Home and Away is one of Australian television’s most loved, well known and watched franchise that has been running continuously for 28 years since 1988. Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye is the next exciting moment in the history of Home and Away and I am confident that it will be warmly embraced by the show’s massive fan base while exposing Home and Away to a potential new audience through Presto,” Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner said.

 Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye has been specifically crafted to retain viewer excitement across the summer months of the series but it will also appeal to new audiences as well.” he said 

Presto Interim CEO Shaun James said: “We are delighted that this special event Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye is our first local commission for Presto’s streaming service – it really is the perfect vehicle with amazing heritage and provides fantastic cross promotional opportunities with our shareholder partner Seven to leverage one of the strongest brands on Australian television. “Presto will be the only place for Australian audiences to be able to see Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye and it will be an on demand event not to be missed.”

Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye will be produced by Seven Productions for Presto and will be shot in 4K with the finished special event to have its world premiere on Presto Entertainment and Presto TV at the end of the year.