Old Loyalties Crumble As New Alliances Take Control

Last night Tribal Council delivered an unexpected result so lets debrief what brought my pick to win Survivor.

After weeks without a shower, the Reward Challenge was met with squeals of excitement as our Castaways learnt that the prize was a Survivor Spa with all the luxuries. The Castaways raced across the sand to get their hands on an idol to keep themselves in the challenge. Mat stole the win from Benji as they battled it out in a wrestle for the last remaining idol.

Mat picked Sharn and Fenella to join him for an afternoon of pampering as the trio indulged in a hot shower, champagne, cheese, and talk of forming a new alliance.


Immunity was back up for grabs with today’s challenge which tested our Castaway’s ability to stay calm, despite every physical fibre in their bodies telling them otherwise.

As positions were taken in the water under a barrier of prison-like bars, water began to rise with the tide, eventually eliminating any possible breathing space. After an hour of gutwrenching struggle underwater, Mat trumped Olympic Swimmer Shane to the win, claiming his first Immunity.

Back at camp, cracks in former alliances and agreements began to emerge as evidence depicted that tonight’s vote remained uncertain. In a moment led by desperation, Sam’s bold move to take Steve out and recoup control of the game landed him in hot water with Mat, who began to question his integrity and trustworthiness.

Robbie took his place as the first member of the jury and the Castaways were not shy to hold back their feelings about Sam’s double agent tactics. Taking the bull by the horns, Sam put forward a last-ditch attempt to justify his missteps and save himself from the chopping block.

Not afraid to speak his mind and hold his ground, Mat did not refrain from defending himself, cutting Sam off with a brief yet brutal remark: “In this game, words will kill you.”

Providing proof that one mistake is all it takes to be sent home in this game, the tribe etched Sam’s name on their parchments, sending him packing with a final hug from host Jonathan

On leaving the island Sam said: “Obviously it is a blow to leave the game but I am happy with how I played. I made one small mistake and it came back to bite me real hard. People are definitely scared that Mat will go all the way and steamroll any opposition. Hats off to Mat, he is playing it really well, and I really want to see him in the finals.”