Neighbours kicks off 2018 with drama filled return

Tonight Neighbours makes it’s long awaited return as it goes year round.

When we left our favourite cul-de-sac, Tyler (Travis Burns) had confessed to the manslaughter of Hamish Roche (Sean Taylor) and now faces an uncertain future. Is one of Neighbours most popular couples about to be torn apart?

Paige (Olympia Valance) is facing every parents worst nightmare after Gabe was kidnapped, with Erinsborough banding together in a desperate search. Tensions rise and fingers are pointed over who is to blame for his disappearance. Will Gabe be okay and more importantly who took him and what do they want?

Elsewhere in the episode, David (Takaya Honda) still feels bad for turning down Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) offer to move in and wants to do something to prove he is in this relationship for keeps. Will his romantic gesture do the trick or is Aaron’s past about to come back to haunt him?

This certainly kicks off a massive year full of surprises fans won’t want to miss.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm Tonight on Eleven