Neighbours – January 16

Neighbours has a pretty good track record of returning characters for storylines and not just for nostalgia ,that trend continues tonight with the return of Lucy.

Viewers will remember that in the middle of 2014, Lucy (Melissa Bell) returned to Erinsborough to help Paul through his grief and befriended Chris (James Mason).  After babysitting Nell together for the afternoon, Lucy asked Chris to father her child with a decision to be made early in the New Year.

Now with Lucy back in Erinsborough in time for Paul’s birthday, Chris must decide if he wants to go ahead and have a baby with her.  Things may not be that simple though as an excited Chris tells Georgia that after his near-death experience, life is too short and he can’t wait to be a dad. Nate, however, doesn’t share Chris’s enthusiasm and the couple’s relationship could be in danger depending on Chris’s decision.

Neighbours airs 6:30 weeknights on Eleven.