Neighbours 30th Anniversary week Review (Minor Spoilers)

Neighbours 30th Anniversary week Review (Minor Spoilers)

Neighbours most anticipated week is about to begin, but is it worth the wait?

Kicking off one of the most anticipated weeks in Neighbours for quite some time, is the return of Bollywood superstar Nina Tucker (Delta Goodrem), who has snuck into town to catch up with old friends and to check out the festival that has been running for the past few weeks.

7081 - Monday

At the heart of anniversary week, and the show’s big drawcard, is the wedding of Amber Turner (Jenna Rosenow) and Daniel Robison (Tim Philips). While their parents have been less than enthusiastic about the union, the two are keen to tie the knot. The trip to the alter will not be an easy one with Paul ( Stefan Dennis) calling in a blast from the past in Des Clarke (Paul Keane), and a long held secret will be exposed that could see the big day in ruins.


What has made Neighbours so successful over the past 30 years is it’s cast and in droves they come to celebrate, with Harold and Madge (Ian Smith and Anne Charleston) reprising their roles, along with the previously mentioned Nina and Des. Fans are also given a chance to catch up with: Tom Ramsay (Gary Files), Andrew Williams (Guy Carpenter), as well as Sky Mangel (Stephanie McIntosh), before the week is out.

With producers wanting to remain tight-lipped about what transpires, and rightly so, the twists and turns that unfold  deliver quite a few shocks to our favourite residents that will be felt for week to come.

The show manages to continue current storylines, and incorporate nostalgia, which enables old fans to jump back into the show and get hooked again, and keeps new fans from getting lost with the trips down memory lane.

Fans are truly in for the best week the show has produced in quite some time, as it celebrates a milestone it should be proud to have reached and it shows that it is.

5/5 Stars

Neighbours airs 6:30 Weeknights on Eleven