National Geographic’s Meanwhile In Australia to air in March

Everyone’s heard of the Top End of Australia, but what about the Bottom End? National Geographic has announced  that special event program Meanwhile In Australia, will world premiere in  March.

Presented by Australian Rugby Union legend Nick “The Honey Badger”Cummins, Meanwhile in Australia in on the surface a travel documentary, but beneath that lies a purpose that goes beyond a simple, but visually stunning, journey and digs into heart of Australian culture and what it means to be human.

The 1 x 60min program follows Nick on a road trip along the Southern coast of Australia, from Port Lincoln to Margaret River, on the hunt for the characters that give Australia its character and charisma, its ingenuity in the face of adversity, and its reason for a cold beer at the end of the day. Known for his post-match quotes and viral Australianisms, Nick grew up on a diet of Aussie yarns, passed down from his grandfather and father, igniting his passion for finding and sharing great Aussie stories with a new generation. From meat raffles in the town of Cummins to helping road-kill cleaners along the Eyre Highway to playing a hole on the longest golf course in the world, it’s the characters and stories you don’t see in the travel guides that Nick has an uncanny ability to find.

Jerry Butterfield, Fox Networks Group Director of Content and Communications said We’re very excited to be working with Nick in this capacity as a TV presenter bringing his own, very unique take on the travel show – we’re hoping that Nick’s endearing but inquisitive personality can give the genre something of a lift.  Nick’s love of Australian culture and desire to get to know the people who have watched him play footy for Australia put him in perfect standing to gather stories told by real local people about their place, their lives, and their values. Meanwhile In Australia is produced by National Geographic’s award winning local production team and offers a fresh take on the traditional travel documentary, revealing and preserving the remarkable and surprising people and events that define this incredible part of the world”. 


Sleep Checking the eyelids for holes

Legs Getaway sticks

Out of place A pickpocket at a nudist camp

Dumb Not all the dogs are barking



The old saying goes that it’s not the destination but the journey, the nomadic human race thrives on a journey, it is in our soul – and it is good for us. The open road is like a modern man’s song line and Nick Cummins was brought to this road by a dream that a big rock in the desert was calling to him.  It still calls to him now as he goes in search of unusual, humorous and cultural stories that define the bottom end of Australia; From The Great Australian Bight, to the Nullarbor and The Great Southern.


South Australia:

  • PORT LINCOLN: Shark diving and visiting a wheat farm 5th generation farmers on the land
  • EYRE PENINSULA Cummins: meat raffle at the local pub and visiting Murphy’s Haystack to play a tune at the famous Haystack rocks
  • CEDUNA – running AFL drills at the local club then meeting ‘Lips’ a man whose office is 800km of highway and job to clean up roadkill
  • THE NULLARBOR – taking a flight with the only female chief pilot in SA along the Bight
  • COORABIE – old timer Poggy teaches Nick how to sheer a sheep

Western Australia:

  • ECULA – storytelling from the longest golf course in the world
  • COCKLEBIDDY – Nick meets 2 Swedish motor bikers who have been travelling the world
  • BALADONIA – In 1979 a US space station fell on WA, one ranger presented the US government with a $400 fine for littering. Nick pulls in to refuel and discovers the relics
  • ESPERANCE – Nick see’s the world famous Pink Lake by helicopter

Meanwhile In Australia is a National Geographic Australia production that will premiere March 20 at 7.30pm AEDT on National Geographic.