Masterchef reaches the top 12

I’m calling it now a female will win Masterchef or at least it looks that way after another guy was sent packing.

Good friends Matthew, Stephen and Jamie found themselves caught in a pressure test as the compertion reached it’s halfway point.

With no guest chef and no recipe to follow, the contestants had two hours to reinvent a family classic and give the humble roast a makeover. They had to present three consistent plates with three sides, one of which had to be potato. Holding the Power Apron, Reynold selected chicken over beef, while Jamie hoped his previous pressure test experience would give him an edge.

Stephen prepared roast chicken with braised celery, fondant potatoes and chicken gravy. Having had a terrible run with undercooking meat recently, the chicken was his main focus. Matthew was in control throughout the challenge as he prepped his macadamia-stuffed roulade with pumpkin puree and pommes dauphine.

The potatoes gave him the most grief as he tested and tried several times to ensure the right balance of potato and choux pastry. After some early questions from the judges, Jamie was forced to devise a new plan to meet expectations. He opted for a crumbed, rolled chicken breast stuffed with parsley, with a garlic bread sauce to add something special. His sides were poached carrots, sweet potato fries and roast potatoes.

In the tasting, Jamie’s sauce and stuffing were good but his potatoes were disappointing and George’s chicken was overcooked. Matthew’s dish impressed, especially his complex and super meaty sauce. The pommes dauphine were also spot on and he was safe. The judges loved Stephen’s braised celery and perfectly cooked chicken breast. However, his chicken skin was flabby and his sauce fatty. Matt preferred Jamie’s dish, believing he captured the true essence of a roast, while Gary preferred Stephen’s dish. The final decision sat with George and, unfortunately for Jamie, George had the overcooked piece of chicken, which sent Jamie home.

Since leaving the MasterChef Australia kitchen, Jamie has been developing a range of healthy snacks set to launch later this year. He has also been cooking for pop-up dinner events in Melbourne