Love Triangles And Love Squares.

There’s trouble brewing in Paradise.

After bolting out mid-way through a dramatic rose ceremony, Cat decided to leave Paradise.

With her carefree attitude in check but sadly no rose, Vanessa Sunshine also bid farewell to Fiji. On leaving she said: “I know who I am and what I want and none of these men are it. So I’m not hurt, I’m not upset, I literally don’t give a sh*t”.

Still reeling over her bestie Cat leaving, Alisha confronted Nathan over his decision to not give Cat a rose and she projected her annoyance onto Paddy which he didn’t appreciate.

Their prospective love bubble burst with Alisha and Paddy having it out about Cat’s exit. Paddy laid into her about her treatment of Nathan and Alisha laid into him about rehashing something she felt she had resolved one-on-one with Nathan.

Osher, the island’s resident bearer of good and bad news, arrived to announce which male and female were voted most desirable pre-Paradise.

Brooke  and Bill were the lucky winners, and both got to select someone to take on a date. Ruffling up some island feathers, Bill picked Alex Nation and Brooke chose Nathan.

Alex was especially excited as she was digging both Bill and Brooke. They arrived to find out they would be getting launched off an inflatable. Alex put her hand up to go first and got winded when she landed. Her knight in shining board shorts Bill was quick to support her until she could breathe which really impressed her. She in turn impressed Bill with her attitude and resilience.

Sparks flew between Brooke and Nathan, with both admitting that while it is still early days, there is definitely a connection between them.

Back at Paradise, cheeky Davey Lloyd entered the villa and his bleached white smile caught the eye of Alisha and Shannon

While Paddy spent the day talking himself up to anyone who would listen, an eccentrically moustache-less Jules Bourne arrived in Paradise with a bang and felt a little overwhelmed with all the female attention.

Connor organised some champagne, so he and Shannon could get to know each other better. The mini-date went very well and ended with a kiss.

When Bill, Alex, Brooke and Nathan came back to Paradise arm in arm, anyone they had felt a connection with prior to the date didn’t know what to think and where they stood.

American Alex took Brooke aside for a hot chocolate to gauge her thoughts and she was honest that she had had a great time with Nathan and was feeling confused.

Paddy pulled aside Brooke, telling her he had been thinking about her all day. She thanked him for his honesty but said she was too overwhelmed right now.

A new day saw Davey picking Alisha for a date where a local artist painted them.

They had to hold their pose for five minutes while he painted which led to some awkward giggling and while Davey enjoyed it, Alisha felt they were better off as mates.

Paddy decided to take Brooke aside again and accused her of giving out mixed messages. He didn’t give her a chance to speak and she ended up storming out in frustration.