Lachey’s Bar Coming to Foxtel

Foxtel is about to give viewers a taste of what it is like to run a bar.

Lachey’s Bar aired in the US in July and runs for 10 episodes.

Pop stars, hosts, and best friend brothers Nick and Drew Lachey are tossing their mics and dancing shoes to the side to take on a new adventure: the bar industry. It has always been Nick and Drew’s dream to open a bar together in their hometown of Cincinnati, but there is one small hitch; they have absolutely no experience in the bar world! Each week the brothers will take on a new mission in this entrepreneurial adventure to make their bar successful. Part “Dirty Jobs” part “Bar Rescue,” these brothers will learn quickly that running their own bar is not about drinking with their friends and meeting pretty women, but instead long hours, and business know-how. It’s a high stakes game for the brothers as they have invested their own money and time into this business and whether it means brewing their own beer, learning how to run a dinner service or building out a rooftop deck, Nick and Drew will try it to fulfil their lifelong dream of launching “Lacey’s”

Lachey’s Bar  premieres 7:30 pm Wednesday from November 4 on Foxtel’s A&E Channel