Josh and Amy Depart My Kitchen Rules

It was one of the most anticipated My Kitchen Rules episodes of the year and it delivered the result Australia wanted as Josh and Amy finally departed the show.

Their menus consisted of   entrees of whitebait with chilli lime mayo and picked cucumber plus seafood chowder with damper.

Mains were pork belly adobo with lime and coriander rice plus blue swimmer crab with citrus spinach salad.

Desserts were Koeksisters Meet San Pedro (South African doughnuts with dessert drink) plus crema catalana with Spanish biscotti.

Judging the entrees Pete  Evans described the whitebait as “lacklustre”. “There are three components to this dish and none of them shone on the plate,”

Manu Feildel turned angry when it came to judging the seafood chowder. “This plate is a picture of stress,” Feildel fumed. “This is not a great representation of what you’ve been selling to us, Josh. You’ve talked this whole competition about your love of seafood and your knowledge of seafood. “This damper is still in its raw form. You don’t blitz vegetables in a seafood chowder. It becomes a vegetable soup.”

The mains hit trouble when Amy  discovered that Josh had used all the coriander to marinate the crabs for main which meant that their corriander rice was aborted. The stress of this caused amy to forgot about the pork belly on the stove and the sauce was over-reduced as a result.

The critique from both judges were less than thrilling “Yours was quite heavy with soy,” Evans said. “I need something else to deal with this really intense saltiness. Not enjoyable after the second bite.”

But Feildel didn’t hold back as the seafood servered up his seafood dishes.

“Blue swimmer crab is one of my favourite seafoods,” Feildel started. “There is absolutely no need in this world to be marinating crab in a white wine solution.

“The acidity of your wine cured the meat of your crab so before you even cooked it you were in trouble (and) the salad doesn’t really make sense.

“You’ve got a big voice and you’re not scared to say what you think and well I’ve got to do the same to you tonight. If you were sitting her tonight you would take this apart (with criticism).”

Desserts  also fell apart when Jo sh couldn’t get the sugary top of the crème Catalana to harden therefore sealing their fate.

“I’m not sure either of these desserts should have made it to the ultimate instant restaurant round,” Evans said. “The (Koeksisters) doughnut is very dense and very sweet and the drink (San Pedro) is very sweet and very alcoholic.”

Feildel saved the worst for last. “It consistency of the crème Catalana is liquid,” Feildel said. “There is no flavour whatsoever. It is pure sugar. The brulee is not even brulee. It is melted sugar. I just don’t know. It is not even funny anymore.”

Josh and Amy exited the competition on a score of 31/130.