Jericho wins Australian Survivor

Fan favourite Jericho Malabonga took out the title of Australian Sole Survivor for 2017 defeating Tara at an epic tribal council.

Jericho, won $500,000 as sole survivor, won his first Immunity title when it mattered after a replay of the grueling 2016 Immunity Challenge atop wooden poles in Samoa. He won the final challenge after 5 hours of standing with Peter. and Tara who stood down after three hours.

He took Tara to the final Tribal Council, telling her she deserved it more. His pitch for the title almost came unstuck when he revealied his biggest mistake could have been removing Tessa from the  jury. But it was this speech from Jericho  that sealed his win.

“People underestimated me. People thought that I was this angelic boy, when really, I was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I always made sure that resources were used wisely. I had Luke. He was my best friend and we conquered Asaga together.””