I’m A Celebrity begins with a twist

If the first episode is any indication I’m A Celebrity maybe shorter this year but that won’t make it any easier.

After weeks of dropping clues, we were finally put out of our misery tonight when 12 new celebs entered the jungle.

Stepping out of the safari car in inimitable style, gossip guru Richard Reid and former Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie. But their welcoming party was cut short when the dynamic duo were whisked offsite to compete in the season’s first epic challenge, Bombs Away.

Arriving at a demolition site, jungle style, Richard and Jacqui were met by Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown who informed them that they would be competing team captains, fighting it out for a worthwhile advantage. Sitting in the firing line of air cannons filled with paints and powders, the duo each had to answer a series of questions. An incorrect answer saw the cannons deliver a spectacular explosion of colour to the face, and while Richard wasconfident, he was narrowly defeated by Jacqui.

Back at celebrity HQ, the final eight celebrities dazzled their way up the jungle red carpet. Australian host, actor and reality television winner Luke Jacobz was joined by controversial host Ajay Rochester, who oversared when she  confessed to him that she liked to fart in bed.

Joining the television twosome was footy legend, and all around top Aussie bloke, Dermott Brereton, who left Ajay flustered and lost for words. Award-winning journalist Natasha Exelby, international model Justin Lacko, celebrity cook Justine Schofield (or “Simone” according to Justin), comedian Tahir Bilgiç and disgraced politician Sam Dastyari rounded out the list of our most dysfunctional group of celebrities yet.

To the beat of the jungle drums, Julia and Chris sauntered in with a massive surprise. The 10 celebrities would be split into two teams, with captains Richard and Jacqui at the helm. Having won the challenge earlier, Jacqui’s advantage was to have first pick of her team. Dermott, Sam, Justin and Ajay formed Team Lambie, while Richard chose Justine, Natasha, Tahir and Luke.

Tonight’s epic trial, Snakes And A Plane, saw Justin and Justine battle it out with a bunch of snakes in their face. While Justin and Justine did the  the others had to put their hand in a few holes to find puzzle pieces. While Richard screamed like a hyena, Jacqui showed the scorpions who was boss and her team reigned triumphant.

This years big twist was revealed raise the bar this year. Julia and Chris relished telling the celebrities there would be a split camp. One side of the camp boasting five star accommodation, while the other side a place no reputable online booking site would list.

Having won tonight’s trial, Team Lambie (or ‘The Campers’) were delighted to find they would be living in camp luxury, while Team Reid (‘ The Caretakers’) weren’t as thrilled to discover they would be living on the rough side of camp.

While decent dude Dermott was feeling guilty as sin for his group privilege, Jacqui basked in winner’s glory and even tried to tee up a foot massage from her defeaters

Later, camp talk turned to relationships. model Justin bragged about dating Miss Universe but didn’t elaborate one which one and Ajay served up more information we didn’t need to know telling her fellow celebrities it has been nine years since she has been intimate.

Tune in tomorrow as loveable armchair critics Angie Kent and Yvie Jones crash camp, and Ajay and Richard take to the skies in an epic helicopter trial.