Hughesy We Have A Problem returns later this month

Hughesy We Have A Problem second season has a premiere date and its a bit earlier than expected.

Funny man Dave Hughes and his gaggle of comedian friends have come together again with the same noble cause: to help the humble people of Australia get over life’s most infuriating problems.

The first season has taught us to always expect the unexpected as each episode sees Hughesy, and four of the country’s top sidesplittingly funny comedians untangle the messiness of modern life. And with their searingly honest, eye-wateringly funny and sometimes outrageous humour, we can almost guarantee belly laughter.

Celia Pacquola, Tommy Little, Kate Langbroek and Sam Simmons are on board in the first episode as they help Hughesy tackle what to do when your one true love gets married to someone else and Tommy seeks advice on an issue he has with his sperm, Beau Ryan drops by to get help on how to stop his daughter interrupting his romantic time with his wife and Hughesy calls on Dr. Andrew Rochford to try and stop Kate from constantly pranking him.

Hughesy, We Have A Problem Returns Tuesday, 29 January at 8:30pm on 10