House Rules Reveals Jess and Jarrod’s love nest with mixed results (Updated)

It’s been a big week on House Rules which traveled to Adelaide for the first home owner renovation of the season.

If you thought the teams working together on Auction House would lead to teamwork in the renovation of Jess and Jarrod’s house well I have bad news ahead.

House Rules
Rule 1 Bring NY to the burbs with warehouse style
Rule 2 Colour with dark greens and pale pinks
Rule 3 Find iconic b&w photography
Rule 4 Do something different with feature walls in every room
Rule 5 Flow timber and brick throughout
Bonus Room Rule Make an epic space for footy and films

The zones were handed over and the boys were given the bonus room which they decided to keep.

Judges thoughts on their effort

WA Chiara & David: (renovated entry & master bedroom)

·      Entry: LLB: “There’s one word for this entry: constipation.” Drew: “It’s just failing on so many points.” Wendy was disappointed with the dodgy pink paint line separating the zones and called it “criminal” and “just wrong.”

·       Master bedroom: LLB thought everything was working but the “finishing is absolutely repugnant… There’s sort of a strange sense in here of it belonging to several, irritating, drunk students.”

Score 16/30

NSW Kim & Michelle: (renovated laundry & beauty room):

·       Beauty room: LLB liked the Audrey Hepburn theme and said, “This is absolutely perfect for a beauty room,” but hated the statement light piece: “This is just industrial shipping. We may as well be in some dockside bar.” Wendy sat down in the beauty chair but couldn’t see herself in the mirror. “From a practicality point of view, it’s missing,” she said.

·       Laundry: Wendy: “I think this is a big mistake. They’ve done nothing with it…there are so many other opportunities to make a statement.” LLB thought they have talent, but lack confidence.


QLD Josh & Brandon (renovated kitchen, hallway & bonus room):

·       Kitchen: Drew: “It looks like a church organ.” LLB: “What they did is then decide to flirt with the dark art of recycling palettes. Why, is the big question, because that just is ugly, impractical. This space looks as if it were designed by a couple of puppies.”

·       Hallway: It was underwhelming and empty.

·       Bonus room: Drew thought there was “a huge missed opportunity with the sports memorabilia,” after seeing Jared’s AFL medals carelessly laid out on a cupboard top.

Score 14/30

NSW Toad & Mandy (renovated dining area & ensuite):

·       Dining Area: LLB thought it was ok but there was no “oom pa pa”.

·       Ensuite: Judges were very impressed. LLB: “I don’t just like it, I love, love, love it.”

Score 17/30

VIC Leigh & Kristie (renovated lounge room & walk-in-wardrobe):

·       Loungeroom: The space was so big but they’ve left it too sparse. The judges agreed with what Carolyn had suggested to Leigh about the fireplace, leaving him red faced that he didn’t listen.

·       Walk-in-wardrobe: LLB: “Is there a hole in space?” Wendy: “This is supposed to be Jess’ invitation into the home, why couldn’t they do something spectacular?” LLB: “This is literally a car crash waiting to happen.”


QLD Mel & Dave (renovated bathroom & guest bedroom):

·       Bathroom: The judges thought there was a flaw in the architecture of the space.

·       Guest bedroom: LLB on the timber wall: “Don’t tick a house rule and make it ugly.”


Update May 15

Last night Jess and Jarrod returned to their home and it was full of OMG moments but which team failed to deliver read on and find out.

Chiara and David: (Entry and master bedroom)

·       Entry: They loved it: “This is insane. This is nothing like I would have ever imagined.” They did notice the dodgy paint line dividing the zones: “I guess for us it was a little bit disappointing because that was the first thing we saw.”

·       Bedroom: They loved the exposed brick and the bed recess but the paint work was bad. Jess said: “I think maybe just the finishes around the bed is probably what got you guys. But besides that, we thought it was great.”

Score 6/10

Leigh and Kristie: (Loungeroom and Walk-in-wardrobe)

·       Loungeroom: Jared: “We were just in love with it. The fireplace…it’s actually unfair how spoilt we are at the moment.”

·       WIR: They didn’t love the room and the wallpaper was coming off the wall: “You can see they’ve had trouble because the image isn’t lining up.” Jess said the statement-piece-mirror was in an awkward place: “I thought maybe that when we saw the statement piece that they would have mounted it.” Jared: “It’s a little disjointed actually.”

 Score 7/10

Toad and Mandy: (Dining area and bathroom)

·       Dining room: Jared: “We walked in and we were just blown away.” They liked the fake beam in the ceiling, it hit the “New York warehouse” rule perfectly.

·       Bathroom: “How nice!” Jess: “Beautiful finishes…we actually quite liked it [cabinet statement piece]. I’ll just have to get used to the screeching doors.”

 Score 7/10

Kim and Michelle: (Laundry and beauty room)

·       Laundry: They liked the wallpaper and olive green walls. Jared: “This is really nice, it’s almost too good for a laundry.”

·       Beauty room: “Wow.” Jess: “I love that this is all pink, I love it… The only thing is there’s just not a lot of storage.” She later said: “It just felt like walking into a Manhattan boutique.”

 Score 8/10

Mel and Dave: (Bathroom and guest bedroom) 

·       Bathroom: They were blown away! Jess: “This is next level… this is not our bathroom!” She said: “This is my favourite room in the whole house.”

·       Guest bedroom: Jess: “This team knows how to style.” She later said: “It was probably the best attention to detail throughout the whole house. It was perfect.”

Score 9/10

Josh and Brandon: (Kitchen, hallway and bonus room) 

·       Kitchen: Jared: “I’m still lost for words. We were blown away.”

·       Hallway: They were unimpressed (similarly with Chiara and David’s zone) with the dodgy pink line in between zones. The mirror hit the house rule but was in an “odd spot.”

·       Bonus room: They loved the room but didn’t appreciate that Jared’s AFL medals were carelessly laying around. Jared: “I probably wouldn’t put my medals out like that.”

Score 8/10 + 5 for winning the bonus room

When it’s all added up the leaderboard looks like this.