House Rules NSW Reveal offers up a range of emotions

Last night House Rules was a mixture of good and bad news in what can be described as the most emotional reveal ever.

Queensland’s Ben and Danielle took out their first victory with a score of 22. Their zone (Andrew’s room and living area) was a hit with both the homeowners and judges. Praise was heaped upon Danielle, who painted an original artwork in the room of Steve’s eldest son. “Andrew’s room was a real display of the team’s talent,” said judge, Wendy Moore. “But the hero of the room was, without a doubt, the artwork. Exactly the right feel and it set the perfect mood.” The homeowners gave them a top score of 9 with Tiana heaping praise on the living area: “You did such a great job.”

After being in second last place last week, Victoria bounced back with 21 points to finish second. Bronik and Corrine impressed the judges with their bathroom and dining room. “The bathroom was the best room in the house,” Joe Snell said. “I liked the layout in that crisp white space.” But the homeowners were less impressed, scoring them only a 6. “I definitely wasn’t a fan of the artwork in the bathroom,” Tiana said. “To me it looked like a zombie massacre.”

Tassie’s Cassie and Matt couldn’t repeat their win from last week, settling for third spot on the leader board with 20 points. Their super-hero themed room for Steve’s six-year-old son Rory was applauded with Tiana stating: “Rory’s room was absolutely incredible. He loved it!” But their laundry let them down with Wendy saying: “The laundry was like a great book with a bad cover. Inside there was good storage, a fantastic use of space…but the doors themselves were so poorly finished, they brought down all the good work.”

SA’s tumultuous week was reflected in their scores. After several heated arguments, Ryan and Marlee could only manage 19 points for their zone to finish in second last place. Tiana called their kitchen “absolutely amazing” but the judges were less complimentary. “It was generous, well-planned and showed the makings of some design flare,” Joe said. “But a house rule was also to create the feel of an award-winning display home, and that’s where it stumbled.” Their unfinished hall also cost them points.

After delivering an unfinished master bedroom, WA’s Karina and Brian hit rock bottom with only 10 points. Their plan to mask their incomplete feature wall with a tacked on curtain didn’t fool anyone. “The master bedroom was just awful,” Wendy said. “The quick fix solutions to fake a finish just made it look tacky.” Steve added: “I felt a bit insulted you thought we wouldn’t check behind the curtain.” Tiana called the toilet a “let down” and together they gave WA the lowest homeowner score this series – 3 points, guaranteeing them a week in the tent at the next renovation.

 Steve and Tiana scored the teams out of 10:

QLD Ben & Danielle (Andrew’s Room & Living Room) – 9

TAS Cassie & Matt (Rory’s Room & Laundry) – 7

SA Ryan & Marlee (Kitchen, Hallway & Entry) – 7

VIC Bronik & Corrine (Bathroom & Dining Room) – 6

WA Karina & Brian (Master Bedroom & Toilet) – 3

After the judges scores were added in the leader board was as follows

house 3

With a mortgage of $250,000, metal fabricator Steve couldn’t believe the epic makeover his drab old home had undergone in just seven days. “When I walked into the house, I was blown away,” he said. “I can tell you put all your heart and soul into it. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.”

 This week the teams are off to Queensland to transform Ben and Danielle’s house of horrors.

House Rules airs 7:30 PM Monday -Wednesday on Seven with reveals airing 7PM Sundays on Seven.