House Rules Maryborough reveal is full of highs and lows

This week House Rules turned  Josh and Brandon’s half-done stilt house into an all-out “flash” Aussie lad pad.

House Rules
Rule 1 Have fun with the ultimate Aussie lads’ pad
Rule 2 Use blokey blues and oranges
Rule 3 Create cool stuff inspired by our hobbies
Rule 4 Give Josh a ‘rap video’ master suite
Rule 5 Style Brandon’s room ‘modern bushman’
Bonus Room Rule Rock Out


SA Jess & Jared: (renovated entry & dining area)

  • Entry: The judges loved the idea of the secret door, but it was not very well finished.
  • Dining area: LLB: “I’m feeling terribly underwhelmed by this dining area.” He thought their hanging guitar statement piece was “badly done”.

Score 19/30

NSW Toad and Mandy: (renovated bar & study):

  • Bar: LLB: “… absolute genius.” Wendy loved the statement piece and thought it looked “really cool, as you walk in it really catches your eye”. LLB loved the “kinky bravura of the mock-croc wallpaper”.
  • Study: Drew wasn’t impressed: “I think the problem is that the furnishings are a little wrong.” LLB: “[they’ve] given it purpose, they’ve given it a sense of identity, I think they have given it the right type of level of ‘blokey-ness’.”

Score 19/30

QLD Mel and Dave (renovated loungeroom, pantry, and bonus room):

  • Loungeroom: Wendy liked it, but Drew thought it was “a corridor with furniture stuck on either side of the wall.” LLB thought “there’s nothing in here to like, let alone love.”
  • Pantry: It was well received. Drew said it had “good planning, good storage, and good lighting.”
  • Bonus room: LLB thought it was “ridiculous”: “The only thing lacking from this space is a photocopier… this is not want I want to see from House Rules at this stage of the competition.”

Score 17/30

NSW Kim & Michelle (renovated ensuite & Brandon’s bedroom):

  • Brandon’s bedroom: Wendy said, “it’s really beautifully styled. This is Kim and Michelle doing what they do best.” Drew: “It looks like a bushfire has been through here.”
  • Ensuite: Wendy said, “they had a great idea, and then no idea how to execute it… it just feels really, really unfinished and quite cheap.” LLB: “… rubbish sense of layout… there’s so little that’s attractive, evolved, or clever.

score 17/30

VIC Leigh & Kristie (renovated kitchen & Josh’s bedroom):

  • Kitchen: It was a “very unexciting kitchen” all around. Wendy was unimpressed with the grey benches and said “it doesn’t answer the house rules.” LLB: “This is like someone being really crazy and creative being given the wrong medication.”
  • Josh’s bedroom: It was a hit! Drew thought the orange details were “comic and witty”. LLB liked the idea but said there wasn’t enough “opulence” and that the room was “really badly done”.

Score 19/30

WA Chiara & David (renovated walk-in-wardrobe & main bathroom):

  • Walk-in-wardrobe: The judges loved it, specifically the mirror on the ceiling. Wendy liked the “functional lighting”. LLB was impressed by the combination of practicality and design.
  • Main bathroom: LLB said it was “incredibly good decorating”

Score 23/30

How will Josh and Brandon score? we will find out  tonight?

Update May 29

Last night on House Rules , loveable tradie brothers Josh and Brandon arrived home to their brand new Aussie lad pad in Maryborough, The boys had left a simple brief – “Make it nice and make it flash” – and the teams delivered!

SA Jess & Jared: (renovated entry & dining area)

·       Entry: They liked the colours of the American Route 61 wallpaper. They loved the secret door.

·       Dining area: Josh said, “I reckon they’ve really hit the lad pad rule”. They liked the hanging guitar on the orange backdrop and the ice buckets cut into the table. Brandon’s only critique was that that it was MDF around the ice bucket-cut outs and worried it would swell and water would drip to the floor.

Score 6/10

NSW Toad and Mandy: (renovated bar & study)

·       Bar: They said, “We thought if any rooms had beer in them, that’s a 10 straight away”. The only fault they could find was that the fridge door didn’t open properly.

·       Study: They thought the colours in the study worked really well together, and although they loved the wakeboard shelf, they thought it was installed a bit too high.

Score 7/10

QLD Mel and Dave (renovated loungeroom, pantry, and bonus room)

·       Loungeroom: Loved the comfortable couch and their new pet fish, Flash!

·       Pantry: They seemed more interested in the food, but complimented the chequered tiles.

·       Bonus room: They could tell it was unfinished. “At the moment I suppose we can’t rock out in it… They’ve got all the stuff here to do it… It just hasn’t been put all together.

Score 8/10 and minus 5 for failing the bouns room.

NSW Kim & Michelle (renovated ensuite & Brandon’s bedroom)

·       Brandon’s bedroom: Brandon: “How good’s this… that’s a flash looking bed.” He loved the statement piece chest and “nooks” in the room but would have liked some bedside tables. Overall it was an “awesome room”.

·       Ensuite: They couldn’t believe the TV in the mirror, it was amazing! But the unfinished wallpaper didn’t go unnoticed. “We saw that it was unfinished… but what was in there was pretty awesome.”

Score 7/10

VIC Leigh & Kristie (renovated kitchen & Josh’s bedroom)

·       Kitchen: Brandon thought it was a “flash” kitchen, but thought the grey bench should have been ‘blokey’ blue. They thought the car-artwork statement piece could have been displayed somewhere bigger.

·       Josh’s bedroom: Josh: “I don’t know about having a photo of Tupac in my room.” He loved the upholstered wall and was very impressed it was hand made. “It was awesome, it was more than we expected.”

Score 8/10

WA Chiara & David (renovated walk-in-wardrobe & main bathroom)

·       Walk-in-wardrobe: “This is flash… Crikey! Look at the mirror on the ceiling… They’ve done pretty well.”

·       Main bathroom: Brandon: “This is unreal!” They loved the GT tiled stripes and Josh was pleased with their double shower heads. They noticed the bathroom was smaller than the ensuite but loved it nonetheless.

Score 7/10

After all that the leaderboard looks like this