House Rules delivers a spectacular reveal with a twist

Sometimes TV shows have to take risks and House Rules took a big one by changing up the format last night.

Karina and Brian’s  ‘old lady’ in remote Geraldton was transformed into a queen of the desert by the teams who were left with House Rules such as ‘style our house desert coastal’, ‘bring the outside in with texture and tone’ and ‘make our kids’ bedrooms #totes epic’.

Victoria’s Bronik and Corrine finished on top for the first time on 27 points. They received the highest score from the judges this series – a perfect 20/20. Wendy Moore said their bathroom ‘was the best I’ve seen in the competition yet’. “The pebble feature wall was a huge risk but boy did it win me over.” The couple also made over the bedroom belonging to Brian’s teenage son Daniel. “Commissioning a street artist to do a mural was an incredibly brave thing to do,” Wendy said. “The art itself was perfect for the room; it was definitely hashtag totes epic.”

Tasmania’s Cassie and Matt finished in second place on 26, top scoring with the homeowners who gave them 9 points. The couple burst into tears when they saw their zone consisting of the master bedroom, ensuite and hallway. ”The master bedroom is exactly what we wanted in our house,” Karina said. “It’s got the right textures, furnishings, colours and we can see so such love in the room.” Brian added: “I’ve got a loo with a view if I leave the louvres open. It was awesome.”

Queensland’s Ben and Danielle came third on 21 points. Their zone consisted of the dining room and the bedroom of Brian and Karina’s six-year-old daughter Lara. Wendy congratulated the newlyweds on steering clear of the “tired old pink stereotype”. “The colour scheme was beautiful,” she said of their blue winter wonderland. “She will remember this bedroom forever.” Their dining room however brought their score down. “The table was the right choice in style and tone but it should have been longer to fit the space,” Joe said. The homeowners were also critical of the terracotta paint. “Unfortunately I wasn’t really taken with the colour,” Karina said.

South Australia and NSW tied for fourth place on 20 points. SA’s Ryan and Marlee hit the mark with their laundry and living room. “My most favourite item in the whole house is the coffee table,” Karina said. “The stacked stone was a great choice and complemented the fireplace beautifully.” However, their pantry was the weakest part of their zone. “The pantry doors were flimsy and verging on tragic,” Joe said.

The NSW zone comprised of the kitchen and teenager Bailey’s bedroom. While everyone loved the copper splashback, the cheap plastic trim and the light blue walls were criticised. “The light blue against copper created a very uncomfortable clash,” Joe said. Bailey’s bedroom was beautifully dressed according to the judges. “I was really impressed with your colour palette,” Wendy said. But the wooden bedhead and “hacked-in” desk let them down. “The bedhead was a great look but it would have looked better had it been wider,” Wendy said.                                                                                                                                                    

WA’s Karina and Brian scored the teams out of 10:

TAS Cassie & Matt (Master Bedroom, Ensuite & Hallway) – 9

VIC Bronik & Corrine (Daniel’s Bedroom & Bathroom) – 7

NSW Steve & Tiana (Kitchen & Bailey’s Bedroom) – 7

SA Ryan & Marlee (Living Room, Laundry, Walk-In Pantry & Entry) – 6

QLD Ben & Danielle (Dining & Lara’s Room) – 6


When combined with the judges’ scores, the leaderboard stands as

house 6

The competitive WA couple have been fighting hard throughout the competition because of their young family. With a $360,000 mortgage, they’ve struggled to make ends meet. But last tonight’s makeover gave them the dream home they’ve always wanted.  “When we walked into our new home, we were totally overwhelmed,” Karina 43, said. “It’s more than we could have hoped for.” Brian, 44, added: “You haven’t just impressed Karina and I but you’ve made our kids feel really special.”

After six interior renovations, the teams were ranked in order with Tasmania in first place, followed by Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, NSW and WA in last position. While Karina and Brian thought for certain they were eliminated, host Johanna Griggs surprised all the teams by announcing: “This week no one is going home! This is a pre-determined non-elimination round.”

Now they’ve been thrown a life-line, WA and the other teams will return to their renovated homes for a make or break power transformation tonight. With a limited budget and just 24 hours, they must choose one zone within their home to change. The six epic reveals and the first elimination will air tomorrow. Who will be the first team to go home?

House Rules airs tonight and tomorrow at 7:30  PM and Sundays at 7 on Seven