House Rules backyards continue to dazzle

Last night on House Rules more backyards were revealed to the judges.

Toad and Mandy and Chiara and David were the next two teams to receive an updated backyard 

House Rules Toad & Mandy’s (NSW) Chiara & David’s (WA)
Rule 1 Be bold with blues in a formal country garden Give us a sparkly Miami pool party vibe
Rule 2 Warm things up with the ultimate fire pit Have fun with a kids water park
Rule 3 Create a country cook’s veggie patch Make a grown ups escape
Rule 4 Turn the old shed into a pub Calm us with water features
Rule 5 Choose your zone

Candelo – Josh & Brandon’s zone

Wendy praised the curved shapes and colour in the flowers. LLB said: “It’s proper horticulture” and Drew agreed, noting they got the scale right with the veranda deck. The old shed-made pub was a hit. Drew called it “rustic and real”, while LLB said it was “a proper celebration of Australian history.” Wendy thought the pub was very clever but missed the mark on functionality.  The outside dining area got rave reviews. Wendy said the pizza oven “owns the space.” LLB praised their design confidence but noted there was no shade.

SCORES: 25/30

Candelo – Jess & Jared’s zone

Wendy recognised “there is a problem with scale.” LLB agreed they were too small and suburban for a mighty landscape. The fire pit was a hit, but Wendy still thought the scale was off. The vegetable garden planning was good said Drew but they all agreed the blue wasn’t the right colour.  LLB called it “wildly inappropriate.” Wendy wanted a “a real (country) garden.”

SCORES: 20/30

Yangebup, WA – Mel & Dave’s zone

The parents retreat only had room for one. LLB called it “an outdoor psychiatrist couch.” The pool area platform was successful and a pop of colour, but the rest of the garden was “colourless” said LLB.  The water feature creek was “fun” in Drew’s eyes and a “brave attempt.” LLB thought It was planned well, but styled boringly “not Miami Vice but Miami nice.” Wendy believed the ideas were there but not the execution.

SCORES: 22/30

Yangebup, WA – Kim & Michelle’s zone

The waterpark made a splash with all the judges who loved the planning, creativity, colour and fun.  LLB said it was “astonishing design” that he will never forget. The unfinished patio area was a bust. LLB said: “This is a space where they transitioned into rubbish.” The dining area had no personality according to LLB and was “wishy washy” for Wendy. LLB called it “a pizzazz free zone.”

SCORES: 16/30

Update July 10 Toad & Mandy and Chiara & David return to their transformed backyards and while there were hits there was also some misses.

Candelo, NSW – Toad & Mandy

Josh & Brandon’s pizza oven and outdoor dining area wowed, but lacked bold blue (a house rule). The dry pub didn’t go unnoticed, Toad: “I can’t believe we’ve got a pub… with no beer!” The deck and formal country garden hit the mark, but overall their yard fell short in time and styling.

Score 6/10

 Jess & Jared “smashed” the formal country garden rule. The ultimate fire pit was a “beauty.” Mandy loved the pergola and touches of blue. Toad said “We’ll probably be able to get married under here.” The veggie patch was thoughtful and “fun for the whole family.”

Score 8/10

Yangebup, WA – Chiara & David

Kim & Michelle’s waterpark was “awesome” said David. Chiara: “I love it.” Outside of the waterpark, Kim & Michelle fell short with a “beige” entertaining area.

Score 7/10

Mel & Dave’s parents’ retreat missed the mark in some parts, the safety hazard walking to the pool area was a worry, but the cabana, daybed and tiles hit the Miami and water feature rule. Overall David said: “I’m over the moon, I’m really happy.”

Score 8/10