Hell’s Kitchen farewells it’s first cook

Last night it was straight into service and the first elimination took place. 

To challenge them Marco mixed up the celebrities’ kitchen roles. while Pettifleur and Willie Mason had to share one oven to prepare their main course leading to some tense moments in the kitchen.

Issa from the blue team joined forces with Debra and they excelled with their duties. However, it all comes unstuck as Debra cuts her hand, requiring stitches and Issa to fend for himself. Under pressure he rises to the challenge and becomes a strong contender.

co decides to put Pettifleur into the elimination telling her “You didn’t push, you weren’t a team member tonight.”

In the Taste It, Make It challenge Marco presented Candice, Jess and Pettifleur with a dish without a recipe in which they have to determine the protein, vegetable, spice and cooking method. They then had 20 minutes to recreate the dish.

The dish was chicken skewers with spring onion, madras curry powder and cooked in olive oil.

After a very confusing and stressful cook. Jess wins, getting all the elements correct. But it was Candice Warner’s last cook in Hell’s Kitchen as she undercooked her protein.