Grand Designs Australia Returns in April

Grand Designs Australia returns next month with a new season kicking off with a one hour special fans won’t want to miss.

The new season of Grand Designs Australia opens with a one hour special Kevin McCloud’s Top 10 Grand Designs Australia.

Set in historic Homewood House in Surrey, England, Grand Designs Australia host Peter Maddison and Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud sit down with a cup of tea and an old fashioned slide slow to reminisce about the design features of each of the ten homes, selected from the past six seasons.

The design gurus talk cladding, tiles and form, and with whisky in hand, engage in some gentle banter over each other’s take on the architecture of their favourite builds. While the special looks over the past, it also serves as a teaser for the upcoming seventh season.

In Grand Designs Australia, leading Australian architect Peter Maddison follows the process of turning ideas into reality, as people use design and architectural ingenuity to create an environment that best reflects their personality and ideals. Following 14 distinctive houses from concept to completion

Excited about the new season ahead, Peter Maddison said, “Inventive building systems, wondrous materials and memorable form making has been applied to our wide brown land to produce a breathtaking collection of stories.”

Perhaps one of the most unique builds of the season is a Japanese-inspired Queenslander home. Steve the owner was inspired by the minimalistic style of Japan, both architecturally and culturally. He employed a Japanese-based architect and a majority of the design process was conducted through Skype sessions.

Kevin McCloud’s Top 10 Grand Designs Australia will premiere Thursday, April 20 at 8.30pm. The seventh series of Grand Designs Australia will premiere the following Thursday, April 27 at 8.30pm on Lifestyle.